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  • Extend your PBX extension anywhere
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User Friendly

gTalk® PBX iPhone or Android app allow executives' smart phones to be used in the same manner as desk phones in their main offices.


gTalk® PBX system is inherently robust in its performance as there is no equipment at user premises which could fail. So long your Internet service is running fine your gTalk PBX system will run smoothly.

 Enhance Productivity

gTalk® cloud PBX with its endless user friendly features allows productivity of your employees to increase substantially.



The most advanced technology

Introducing new service which will change the way your office communication works.

Gone are the days when an office phone meant you were tied with a physical phone line, gone are the days of having to rely on ageing in-house telephone systems, gone too are the days of missing vital calls because you were out of the office.

gTalk® PBX Mobile App allows you to have all the benefits of an in-house PBX (hunt groups, extension dialing, etc), whilst being on the move.

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