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Other Features

gTalk PBX Other Features

Number Porting

You can keep your current telephone number(s) when you switch to gTalk PBX. We will port (transfer) your existing numbers free of charges. Suppose If you have a long-standing number that your customers know or that has value for your business, You don't want you to lose it! We'll keep that value for you by transferring your numbers.

Fax Facility

Fax is a service included on all gTalk PBX plans at no additional cost. With this you can send and receive faxes.

HD Voice

HD voice is a technology that delivers at least twice the sound as compared to a typical voice phone call delivered on a landline through the world's analog circuit-switched phone network. It allows for better comprehension and clarity.

Weekend / Night Mode

This feature makes the scheduling of your phone system easier. It allows you to set up custom alternative greetings for when customers call after a certain time of the day, or on weekends. You can also set it to forward to a specific number based on the hour/day.

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