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PBX Benefits

Key advantages of gTalk PBX:

Initial Cost Savings- You do not need to make a large upfront investment on equipment and there is no maintenance headache.

Cost Savings on Recurring Charges- Typically, monthly recurring cost of a cloud PBX service is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional PBX system.

Flexibility in term of Geographical Locations- Employees can work from anywhere when your office phone system is virtual. You can have employees working from home, other offices, mobile phones, and even overseas.

Local Presence- gTalk cloud PBX systems allow you to get local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located. So while you are located in Dallas you may create a virtual presence or open a virtual office in New York.

Credibility- For small businesses a virtual system can give them instant credibility by presenting their customers with services of a professional telephone solution.

Scalability- Traditional phone systems are limited by how many users they can handle as well as how many lines you have purchased from your local telephone provider. Virtual systems can expand and grow with your business as you need them to i.e. ensuring scalability.

Quick Setup- gTalk cloud PBX solution can be implemented in very short time compared to a traditional telephone system.

Ease of Use- End-user management of a cloud PBX is far more user-friendly than is the case with traditional solutions. Intuitive web interfaces mean that anyone can manage, monitor and make changes to the service at any time, without needing any specialized skills or experience.