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ZIP-Based Call Routing

ZIP code-based call routing implies routing of customer calls to agents based on customer location i.e., ZIP. This is a very useful feature for companies with multi-location retail units preferring to send incoming calls to the caller’s nearest retail location. gTalk PBX service offers this as an add-on service.

Intended Call Flow

  1. A caller dials the Company DID or Toll-free number.
  2. The gTalk PBX IVR directs the customer to key-in his/her ZIP code.
  3. The gTalk PBX system routes that call to the nearestRetail Location from the Center of Caller’s ZIP Code.

Routing of Incoming Calls based on ZIP Code by gTalk® PBX System

Situation: ZIP Code Entered is Valid and Matches to one or more ZIP Code(s) in the Retail Location Table


Routing of Incoming Calls Based on ZIP Code by gTalk PBX System

Situation: ZIP Code Entered is Valid but does NOT Match to any ZIP Code in the Retail Location Table.

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