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gTalk PBX Core Features


Auto-attendant provide callers with automated answering, prompting, and call routing based on caller input, without the need for a live attendant.

Call Recording

You may set automatically record inbound and outbound calls for individual users or extension. You can easily playback and download recordings anytime.

Multi-level IVR

Allow you to expand your company automated attendant with a flexible phone menu that connects to your employees with self-service access.

Call monitoring

Call monitoring is an effective business tool to improve employee performance and productivity. Authorized users can listen in on employee calls with clients to monitor the conversation, provide coaching, and facilitate discussion.

Find Me

Automatically forward calls from your extension to multiple external numbers (mobile or landline) or extensions simultaneously. Never miss a call with an extension number that follows you everywhere.

Simultaneous Ring

Configure your gTalk® PBX system to ring certain extensions, phone numbers, groups or departments simultaneously until the call is answered.

3 way-Conference

Meet with two different parties simultaneously by simply hitting the conference button while on a call and dialing the number of the third party you wish to invite. Warm or blind transfers are also available while conferencing.

Custom Messages

our greetings don't have to be limited to voicemail and auto-attendants-create a custom message to use at any point in your dial plan. Messages can be played to all callers, only those reaching a specific department, or even to specific VIP callers based on their number.

Conference Bridge

Easily host a conference call with up to ten attendees. Attendees can be scheduled to join the call or can join without reservations. Conference calls can also be recorded.

Corporate Directory on Phone

Your company's entire phone directory is at your fingertips. No need to fill your workspace with hard copy directories or sticky notes reminding you of colleagues' extensions.

Message Waiting Indicator

The message waiting indicator appears as a notification icon in your phone indicating that you have a new voicemail message.

Smartphone App

gTalk® PBX App for iPhone and Android phone lets you take your gTalk® PBX extension anywhere you go.

gTalk PBX Call Features


Auto-Divert allows you to divert calls coming to you from a specific number to another person, extension, or dial plan, or to divert them so they don't bother you (blacklisting). This feature also allows you to direct calls immediately to your extension, bypassing all call options.

Call Forwarding

This settings allow to set calls to forward to a phone other than your office phone or to ring another phone simultaneously. This can occur either automatically or after a certain set of rings. Call forwarding is also done automatically based on your failback settings in the event of an emergency or if internet service is interrupted.

Call History

gTalk PBX Portal contains call logs indicating what calls were made, how long they lasted, and which extensions were used. Users can also view outbound vs. inbound reports, toll-free and long distance usage, and location of incoming calls based on country and international.

Call Hold

Place a caller on hold while you transfer them or you take some time to look up an answer to a question. Callers listen to your specified hold music until you engage them again by picking up the receiver.

Call Queues

A call queue is a group in which incoming calls are automatically distributed among office executives or participating agents.

Call Transfer

Call transfer allows you to transfer a call from your line to the appropriate person without losing the caller. This allows you to get your customer where they need to go without forcing them back to a main menu. You can also transfer outside of your company or to any external number.

Call Waiting

Call waiting allows users to see when a second call is coming in while on an active call. Users can answer the new call, placing the standing call on hold, and switch back and forth. Call waiting is signified with a light on the handset. Various phone models can hold up to five (5) calls 'on hold,' in addition to the active call.

Caller ID

Caller ID is a 15 character name attributed to a caller, shown on the phone console receiving a call.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do not disturb is a button on the phone that will easily allow you to make yourself unavailable. When your phone is set to Do Not Disturb, all calls go to voicemail automatically without the phone ringing.

Missed Call Indicator

The Missed Call Indicator alerts you with a blinking green light whenever you miss an incoming call.

Call Parking

Call parking allows you to 'park' a phone call, placing it on hold to be answered on a softphone or any other phone in the office. The caller is put on hold while you switch phones.

Extension Transferring

With extension transferring, you can transfer a call to another extension with an announcement or blind transfer the call. In a blind transfer, the receiver is uninformed where the call came from, and the transferer can redirect the call without speaking to the target.

Call Routing

This feature is beneficial when every call made on the system is routed. The system does the routing, but you configure the settings for where you want the call to go. It's simple to do in gTalk PBX.

Skill-Based Call Routing (SBCR)

Skills-based routing (SBR), or Skills-based call routing, is a call-assignment strategy used in call centers to assign incoming calls to the most suitable agent, instead of simply choosing the next available agent. gTalk IP PBX have integrated this feature as an add-on service.

gTalk PBX Voicemail Features

Voicemail to Email

Every extension of gTalk®; PBX has its own configurable and customizable voice mail service. Voice messages can be accessed online, replayed over the phone, or forwarded to your email.

Multiple Mailboxes

gTalk®; PBX has its own configurable and customizable voice mailboxes. Voice messages can be accessed online, replayed over the phone anytime.

Message Waiting Indicator

When any voice mail came it will indicate a light in your phone set or your in your mobile app.

Visual Voicemail via Web

Voice messages can be accessed online, replayed over the phone anytime dial a number or you can do using mobile app.

gTalk PBX Other Features

Number Porting

You can keep your current telephone number(s) when you switch to gTalk PBX. We will port (transfer) your existing numbers free of charges. Suppose If you have a long-standing number that your customers know or that has value for your business, You don't want you to lose it! We'll keep that value for you by transferring your numbers.

Weekend / Night Mode

This feature makes the scheduling of your phone system easier. It allows you to set up custom alternative greetings for when customers call after a certain time of the day, or on weekends. You can also set it to forward to a specific number based on the hour/day.

HD Voice

HD voice is a technology that delivers at least twice the sound as compared to a typical voice phone call delivered on a landline through the world's analog circuit-switched phone network. It allows for better comprehension and clarity.