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Core Features

gTalk PBX Core Features


Auto-attendant provide callers with automated answering, prompting, and call routing based on caller input, without the need for a live attendant.

Call Recording

You may set automatically record inbound and outbound calls for individual users or extension. You can easily playback and download recordings anytime.

Multi-level IVR

Allow you to expand your company automated attendant with a flexible phone menu that connects to your employees with self-service access.

Call monitoring

Call monitoring is an effective business tool to improve employee performance and productivity. Authorized users can listen in on employee calls with clients to monitor the conversation, provide coaching, and facilitate discussion.

Find Me

Automatically forward calls from your extension to multiple external numbers (mobile or landline) or extensions simultaneously. Never miss a call with an extension number that follows you everywhere.

Simultaneous Ring

Configure your gTalk® PBX system to ring certain extensions, phone numbers, groups or departments simultaneously until the call is answered.

3 way-Conference

Meet with two different parties simultaneously by simply hitting the conference button while on a call and dialing the number of the third party you wish to invite. Warm or blind transfers are also available while conferencing.

Custom Messages

our greetings don't have to be limited to voicemail and auto-attendants-create a custom message to use at any point in your dial plan. Messages can be played to all callers, only those reaching a specific department, or even to specific VIP callers based on their number.

Conference Bridge

Easily host a conference call with up to ten attendees. Attendees can be scheduled to join the call or can join without reservations. Conference calls can also be recorded.

Corporate Directory on Phone

Your company's entire phone directory is at your fingertips. No need to fill your workspace with hard copy directories or sticky notes reminding you of colleagues' extensions.

Message Waiting Indicator

The message waiting indicator appears as a notification icon in your phone indicating that you have a new voicemail message.

Smartphone App

gTalk® PBX App for iPhone and Android phone lets you take your gTalk® PBX extension anywhere you go.

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