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International Rates

The following is an alphabetical listing of our international calling rates. Please note that maximum destinations calling a mobile/cellular telephone number is more expensive than calling a regular telephone number.

International rates chart: .................................

Country-Route Names Rates (US cent per minute)* Calling Codes
Kazakhstan 4.50 Codes
Kazakhstan Commercial Networks 51.00 Codes
Kazakhstan - Mobile 20.00 Codes
Kenya 17.00 Codes
Kenya-Airtel-Mobile 23.00 Codes
Kenya-Other-Mobile 17.00 Codes
Kenya - Nairobi 17.00 Codes
Kenya-Orange-Mobile 17.00 Codes
Kenya-Safaricom-Mobile 12.00 Codes
Kiribati 99.00 Codes
Kuwait 9.00 Codes
Kuwait - Mobile 9.00 Codes
Kyrgyzstan 18.00 Codes
Kyrgyzstan - Mobile 18.00 Codes
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